• jQuery Templating Tips & Tricks

    The more I work with the jQuery templating plug-in, the more I like it. It is much more than creating constructs in HTML and binding to your client data source. A lot of complex data display tasks are made simple with using templating syntax and the ability to keep the UI view constructs separated from the core logic makes it easy to manage. In this blog, I want to share some of the tricks I learned while working with…

    • Thu, Apr 21 2011
  • NetAdvantage for jQuery Coming Soon!

    NetAdvantage for jQuery is the same product that Infragistics CTP’d early this year under the name NetAdvantage for Web Developers. Next month, the product is going to RTM with a new name to closely match with its underlying technology. NetAdvantage for jQuery is meant to cater the growing need for client side web development; in addition it supports HTML5, CSS3, and ASP.NET MVC helpers.  The entire component base…

    • Tue, Apr 5 2011
  • IE9 and Firefox 4 Support

    When IE 9 shipped as a release candidate, I announced our plans supporting it here. Since then, we have been able to test and resolve all the issues we discovered with IE 9. Not only that, but during the same time Firefox emerged from it's beta to RTM state, and we added that in our browser testing as well.

    I wanted to let you know that with the service release of 10.1, 10.2 & 10.3 that is going to ship next week…

    • Mon, Apr 4 2011