• ASP.NET MVC 3 + Entity Framework + Infragistics jQuery Grid

    Entity Framework is a quite powerful ORM solution in .NET. Now with the ASP.NET MVC tools refresh, it also got the CodeFirst feature, which is quite handy when you want to generate a model for you data using code and the database automatically gets build up for you based on your model code.  In this blog, I will show you how you can use the Entity Framework as a model for your database and use the Infragistics jQuery…

    • Tue, May 31 2011
  • NetAdvantage jQuery Controls are Theme Roller Ready

    One of the core design principle of the NetAdvantage for jQuery controls were to make sure it honors the jQuery styling conventions. In order to do that, all the jQuery controls fully support the jQueryUI Theme Roller styles. This has a lot of benefits out side of just being able to style the controls, some of them are:

    • If you have a jQuery based application that uses style from the Theme Roller library, you…
    • Wed, May 25 2011
  • Understanding Mask Options in jQuery Mask Editor

    The jQuery Mask Editor control is quite useful when you are trying to accept a strict input from a user that contains letters, numbers in a specific order, case with length restrictions..etc. The property to setup the mask editor control to specify such a strict data entry is called InputMask. The jQuery MaskEditor control can be used in any JavaScript/HTML based applications using jQuery, it also has an ASP.NET MVC helper…

    • Wed, May 18 2011
  • Getting Started with Infragistics HTML5 Video Player

    In the upcoming release of NetAdvantage 11.1, NetAdvantage for jQuery & NetAdvantage for ASP.NET will have a HTML5 Video Player control. Both are jQuery based client plug-ins and use the HTML5 video tag to play the video within the browser. This does not require any plug-in, however, the browser needs to support HTML5. It will work on both mobile and desktop browsers. As mentioned above, it is a client component but still…

    • Fri, May 13 2011
  • Using NetAdvantage jQuery Grid in ASP.NET MVC

    The NetAdvantage for jQuery product contains a client-side jQuery grid with an ASP.NET MVC Html Helper. The Helper makes it easy to new up the grid within your MVC views connecting to data form your model. In this blog, you will learn how to create a simple grid using the Razor syntax in your ASP.NET MVC view and connect to the data source.

    Setting up the project

    In order to get the grid to show up you will need the…

    • Mon, May 9 2011
  • Creating Infragistics Logo with HTML5 Canvas

    Canvas is one of the key elements in HTML5 that makes it so attractive and an alternative to build RIA interfaces within the browser instead of having to require a use of a plug-in. The API is super simple to get started with the canvas element and once you master it, you can pretty much draw anything you want on it's surface. I like this cheat sheet and used it to build my demo below.

    Before we get into the code…

    • Mon, May 2 2011