• Button with Image and Text in ASP.NET

    A very common need in almost every ASP.NET web application, a UI requirement to have a button control that can display text and image. Infragistics ships with just that control as part of their ASP.NET controls offering and it is called WebImageButton. It is one of the simplest control to work with, yet it gives you the extended button features that you can use for variety of situations. In the last release of the ASP…

    • Fri, Feb 24 2012
  • What is jQuery? And how big is it?

    jQuery is by far the most popular JavaScript framework ever developed. Released by John Resig and first launched in August 2006, since then, it has just seen increased demand year over year and solved many day to day web development challenges. The core production library is just 31K (229K development).  The chart below tells the story of it adaption and jQuery market share today. In 2008, it’s public website usage was…

    • Thu, Feb 16 2012
  • Using jQuery Grid with PHP

    “Develop a suite of light weight Client Controls that enable creating better website experiences in browsers across platforms & devices backed by any server data end-point. “

    The line above is the vision statement from a presentation that I gave to the Infragistics board almost two years ago, and also to our top line customers to get feedback on the strategy. It was approved even though it was a tough bet, and the…

    • Wed, Feb 8 2012