ASP.NET 2010.1 Launched!

[Infragistics] Murtaza Abdeali / Monday, March 22, 2010

I am proud to announce that we’ve just shipped another great release of the Infragistics ASP.NET product. In this first release of 2010, the product is packed with some great features and functionality. This product release marks a huge milestone for Infragistics ASP.NET product in many ways.  We are continuing to make significant improvements to our Aikido grids that are simply the fastest performing ASP.NET grids out there in the market place. 

Our website and community site is filled with all the types of content you will need to learn & get started with this awesome release. To learn more about new features, check out what’s new page. To experience the new features, run through our online samples browser, click on the links that are tagged “new” or “updated”.

Here are some of the highlights of this release. 

WebHierarchicalDataGrid OutlookGroupBy Feature: The widely requested feature for the WebHierarchicalDataGrid is now available, this gives the drag & drop capabilities to end-users to easily group by data. The nice close glyphs when the user hovers over any of the group by labels, and the styled group by headers really makes the user experience so much nicer and usable when using this new feature. 

New WebExplorerBar Control: The new explorer bar control is just great to build experiences where you want to have accordion style menus within your applications. This control is completely databind-able along with some great configurability. You can use it as a standard navigation piece with groups and items, or use content templates to build any type of expandable/collapsible UIs that you want over the Web.

New WebTab Control: This control goes beyond limits of what might seem impossible for the tabular views in web applications. The new WebTab controls allows you to move tabs, set tab overlays, add/delete tabs on the client, change text just by double clicking on the tab header, multi-row settings, scrollable views, hide tab headers to go in a wizard mode… etc. You have to see it to believe it what this control can bring to your application UI screens. 

New Ajax Compression Feature: We have been trying hard to make sure you as application developers get the max out of your applications in terms of performance. In this release, the Ajax compression module will help you compress data using GZip on the server and the client will uncompress and further process it. We’ve also kept it very simple for you to enable this within your applications. To read more, check out this blog post

So, we are all excited at Infragistics with the launch of 2010 volume 1 product releases across the board. Please check out the bits which you can download from here and let us know what you think. We have also made some product changes this release that I want you to be aware of; I have highlighted these changes in my blog post earlier this month.