ASP.NET April 2009 CTP Released

[Infragistics] Murtaza Abdeali / Monday, April 27, 2009

Seems like it was just yesterday we shipped 2009 Volume 1 of ASP.NET controls. As promised, today we released the next ASP.NET CTP. This CTP includes a set of new ASP.NET AJAX editors (6 of them), WebDatePicker, WebMonthCalendar and column fixing behavior in the WebDataGrid. To see the controls in action, check out the samples browser. Some highlights of this release are:

- WebDataGrid (Column Fixing) – The new Column Fixing behavior in the WebDataGrid supports both fixing to the left & right, with styling, button alignment & a styleable separator between the fix & unfix regions.

- WebEditors – Includes all the basic editors that you need for any type of data entry scenarios. They all come with spin buttons, null text, edit/focus style . The WebTextEditor also support multi-line text editing as well. They all support the usage of ASP.NET validators to validate user inputs. Mask editors and numeric editors also include locale support and input masks.

- WebDatePicker – Allows you to have a drop down month calendar control from which a user can pick a date. Comes with full vista-style keyboard navigation support with month/year selection.

- WebMonthCalendar – Full calendar display support with selection, weekdays, culture and ability to set custom styles for individual days.

To read more on what’s included in the CTP & download the bits click here. Please use forums for any support or feedback on these controls.