ASP.NET August 2009 CTP is Here!

[Infragistics] Murtaza Abdeali / Monday, August 3, 2009

I am excited to announce the August 2009 ASP.NET CTP. This release includes a new hierarchical data grid control and new features to the existing controls in the toolset, in addition to added funtionality to the controls we shipped in the last CTP. The new controls & features for this CTP are:

WebHiearchicalDataGrid: A fresh Hierarchical Data Grid control based our Aikido framework. You can display multiple child bands, configure child rows indentation, customize child grid headers and expansion buttons.

 WebDataGrid (Auto-Detect Editors): No need to hook special editors anymore in the grid. Enable cell editing and the grid will read the datasource to use the best editor fit for the columns, based on their datatypes.

WebDataGrid (Column Hiding): You asked for it and now you got it! You can hide/show columns on client and server via a hidden property setting of a column object.

WebSchedule (Multi-Day Event Banner): When WebSchedule views display an all-day event that spans over multiple days, you can enable multi-day event banner to show a single banner in the day view (with multiple visible days) and/or month view. Now the users will see a single banner for their multi-day activities.
WebSchedule (Multiple Resources): Give you users more power by enabling multiple resources in any of the WebSchedule views. Now your users are not restricted to see a single resource’s activity, but you can specify the visible resources, and the WebSchedule will display all the activities that belong to those resources.

WebSchedule(Generic DataProvider): Do you have your own database setup or application layer that you want to use to serve to the WebSchedule views? Wait no more! The generic data provider is meant just for that. Use any database structure or custom collection, connect to the Generic Data Provider, specify your databindings, and the rest is all taken care by WebSchedule.

WebDataTree (Disable Auto-Checking): If you want to be in control when the users check or un-checks a tree node. You can now disable auto-checking and handle events for custom application scenarios.

 Click here  to get more information on this CTP & download. To check out these features in action, click here to view the samples browser. Since these controls are in CTP, you can get help via forums & to get started check out this video. To read more on controls from previous CTP, click here.

Try out the CTP today and if you have any feedback, please feel free to send it to me: