IE 8 Compatibility with NetAdvantage ASP.NET Controls

[Infragistics] Murtaza Abdeali / Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Update (06/26/2009): We have completed our testing with all of our ASP.NET controls against IE 8 and have fixed any issues we were able to find in the latest service release (build 2055) that shipped yesterday. Click here to download the service release.

So IE8 has been out for a couple of months now and it appears that some of you have already started testing your sites with IE 8, others may have even started supporting it, in this post I will talk about what we are doing to make sure all the NetAdvantage ASP.NET controls are ready for IE 8 as well.

Before I get into detail, I just want to give a little bit of background as to what our plans were for IE8. Last year, when we were planning for 2009 Volume 1 release (planned to ship first week of April), IE8 was still in beta. Expecting that it is going to release end of 2008 possibly early 2009 (giving us enough time to test) we had initially planned on testing and supporting IE 8 with our 2009 volume 1 release. As we all know by now that IE 8 didn’t release until MIX (Mid March) and while our product was already developed and was going into testing, IE 8 still stood in an RC state, not knowing when it will be released we had to make a last minute decision to pull IE 8 out from our testing to make sure we can run our regression tests against released set of browsers that most of the world was using at that moment. Right towards the end of our testing cycle, IE 8 RTMs and despite of our change of plans, we were able to do some level of testing against IE8 and fix any issues we were able to find in the time we had before the release.

Since our next release is scheduled for October 2009 and we normally introduce new browser support only during a release test cycle, this time around we didn’t want you to wait for it. So, right after the release, we started regression testing our 2009 Volume 1 ASP.NET controls. With the Service Release (formerly known as hotfixes) build 2040 that shipped today, we have completed our entire regression tests on all of the following controls in addition to any bugs that you have reported to us, so thanks for that. Click here to download the latest Service Release.

WARP Panel

We are continuing to test remaining controls, but we strongly encourage you to report us any issues you find in IE8 so that we can make sure we include them when we release our next Service Release scheduled for next month. If you have any feedback on IE8 support or any other questions/suggestions in general regarding the product, please feel free to send it to me: