• ASP.NET September 2010 CTP is Out!

    Recently Infragistics shipped the preview of it's ASP.NET controls. This CTP contains enhancements to the current controls, a new PDF exporter component along with jQuery Templates integration and the first jQuery based control from Infragistics.

    Summary Row on Grids

    Both the WebDataGrid and WebHierarchicalDataGrid are now enhanced with the Summary Row feature. When the behavior is enabled, the column headers will…

    • Wed, Sep 15 2010
  • Windows Forms 2010.1 Launched!

    I am proud to announce that we’ve just shipped another great release of the Infragistics Windows Forms product. The Windows Forms features this release is going to take your windows forms application development to a whole new level. Our application styling framework built in 2007 was such a huge hit, that developers want to use it for each and every control they have in their applications, and so this release we have…

    • Mon, Mar 22 2010
  • ASP.NET 2010.1 Launched!

    I am proud to announce that we’ve just shipped another great release of the Infragistics ASP.NET product. In this first release of 2010, the product is packed with some great features and functionality. This product release marks a huge milestone for Infragistics ASP.NET product in many ways.  We are continuing to make significant improvements to our Aikido grids that are simply the fastest performing ASP.NET grids…

    • Mon, Mar 22 2010
  • ASP.NET Product Changes

    Hi everyone, I want to bring you up to date on some important changes coming in the ASP.NET toolset for the 2010.1 release and beyond.  But before I do that, I want to thank all of you for making the Aikido conversion a huge success for our ASP.NET product line. This major undertaking, which started in 2007 with the re-design and re-writing of all of our controls to support the modern capabilities in ASP.NET Ajax framework…

    • Thu, Mar 4 2010
  • AJAX Compression in 2010.1

    Last week, Jason Beres put up an extensive road map of all the Products Infragistics will be shipping in the next couple of months. As you can see, these releases are going to be packed with all sorts of goodies. One of them is the new AJAX Compression module in ASP.NET’s 10.1 release. This new feature will compress Ajax responses generated by the server when using any of our Aikido-based controls. The browser will then…

    • Mon, Feb 8 2010
  • NetAdvantage for Web Client : ASP.NET 2009.2 Just Released!

    The moment we all been waiting for has finally arrived. Gort has hatched, and his secret ingredients to build killer ASP.NET applications is used in all the new NetAdvantage for WebClient: ASP.NET 2009 Volume 2 controls shipped today. You can read about all the exciting new features in the toolset here. To check out the controls in action, visit the online samples browser and click on ASP.NET.

    Here are some snaps from the…

    • Mon, Oct 26 2009
  • Rev up your servers, ASP.NET 2009.2 is coming next week

    In just a week, Infragistics will be shipping the next volume of ASP.NET controls packed with a lot of new controls & features. If you have been following my blog posts, you might have idea of what will be included in the next version. If you need a re-cap, here are the links to previous posts announcing new controls we’ve been working on for this release.

    WebHierarchicalDataGrid Features
    Controls shipped in…

    • Tue, Oct 20 2009
  • Using Pseudo-Classes to set Hover style on the WebDataGrid

    Using Pseudo-Classes in CSS you can easily set hover appearance on any html element. Just specify the “<element>:hover” class to any element and you get a nice hover style attached to that element on the page. Since, all of the Infragistics controls use CSS styles for their look & feel; it is very easy to use pseudo-classes to target any of the control elements. CSS standard for “:hover”…

    • Fri, Sep 25 2009
  • Hierarchical Grid in 9.2... What’s the big Deal?

    2009 volume 2 is going to be a huge release for ASP.NET. Infragistics’ promise to deliver the next generation of ASP.NET controls has been a great success so far. The benefits that the Aikido framework brings to the new ASP.NET AJAX controls are far beyond counting control features. Ability to reuse code across different controls, not only helps us deliver controls faster than ever before, but also makes the core…

    • Wed, Sep 16 2009
  • How can we make ASP.NET AJAX (Aikido) controls even better?

    Those of you, who’ve been using our ASP.NET controls for over a year, may already be familiar with the Aikido framework. If not, you can check out the Aikido page to learn about the framework and the ASP.NET AJAX controls based on it. In this post I would like to open up to gather your feedback on thoughts about the design of these controls and what we could do more in the upcoming releases to make them even better…

    • Wed, Aug 26 2009
  • ASP.NET August 2009 CTP is Here!

    I am excited to announce the August 2009 ASP.NET CTP. This release includes a new hierarchical data grid control and new features to the existing controls in the toolset, in addition to added funtionality to the controls we shipped in the last CTP. The new controls & features for this CTP are:

    WebHiearchicalDataGrid: A fresh Hierarchical Data Grid control based our Aikido framework. You can display multiple child bands, configure…

    • Mon, Aug 3 2009
  • Exporting in SharePoint using Excel or Document APIs

    Recently a customer reported an issue with exporting the WebGrid in one of their SharePoint WebParts to Excel. As soon as the user exported WebGrid's data, the entire SharePoint page became unresponsive. All buttons and checkbox controls that were on the page didn’t respond when the user clicked on them once an export operation had happened on the page. As SharePoint developers know this well, debugging server-side code…

    • Wed, Jul 29 2009
  • IE 8 Compatibility with NetAdvantage ASP.NET Controls

    Update (06/26/2009): We have completed our testing with all of our ASP.NET controls against IE 8 and have fixed any issues we were able to find in the latest service release (build 2055) that shipped yesterday. Click here to download the service release.

    So IE8 has been out for a couple of months now and it appears that some of you have already started testing your sites with IE 8, others may have even started supporting…

    • Wed, May 27 2009
  • ASP.NET April 2009 CTP Released

    Seems like it was just yesterday we shipped 2009 Volume 1 of ASP.NET controls. As promised, today we released the next ASP.NET CTP. This CTP includes a set of new ASP.NET AJAX editors (6 of them), WebDatePicker, WebMonthCalendar and column fixing behavior in the WebDataGrid. To see the controls in action, check out the samples browser. Some highlights of this release are:

    - WebDataGrid (Column Fixing) – The new Column Fixing…

    • Mon, Apr 27 2009
  • AppSettings for ASP.NET Controls

    While you are still exploring the contents of 2009 Volume 1 release, in this post I will be talking about a couple of items that you might find useful. In this release, we’ve exposed an appsettings object that can help you in your day to day development and make some of the page level or application level tasks easier. This appsettings object contains a flag IsAjaxPostBack, this flag is set to true whenever an ajax…

    • Wed, Apr 15 2009
  • NetAdvantage for Web Client 2009.1 – What’s coming in ASP.NET?

    We are about 2 weeks away from the RTM of NetAdvantage for Web Client 2009.1, so I wanted to give you all an update on what to expect when we ship!

    We are shipping 4 newly designed controls, a JavaScript framework, performance enhancements & WebDataGrid column moving behavior.

    No… I am not talking about our 2009 road map … this is all in the April 6th release of Web Client.  If you think that sounds…

    • Wed, Mar 25 2009
  • WebDataGrid - How to Import data from Excel & Export to Excel, PDF or XPS

    If you’ve used our Excel or Document APIs, then you may already know where is post is headed. There have been numerous posts on how our Excel and Document APIs can be used to import and export data when working with our controls. In this post, we will focus on the newly released WebDataGrid control. Currently, it doesn’t have built-in support for exporting contents to Excel, PDF or XPS, ofcourse something that…
    • Fri, Dec 12 2008
  • Aikido November 2008 CTP Released

    I am pleased to announce the release of our ASP.NET Aikido November CTP. It includes a set of new ASP.NET Web 2.0 controls built on top of our Aikido framework. To check them out in action, visit our online samples. In this CTP, we have introduced five new controls, and a WebDataGrid behavior listed below.  
    ·         WebDataMenu
    ·         WebDropDown
    ·         WebLanunchBar
    ·         WebPanel
    ·         WebProgressBar
    ·         WebDataGrid…
    • Tue, Nov 18 2008
  • Under the hood of new Aikido WebDataGrid (Contd...)

    This is a continuation of a post I wrote earlier…..
    Modular Architecture
    The behaviors architecture of the WebDataGrid makes it easy to understand and code. In order to enable a behavior within the grid, all you need to do is add the behavior to grid’s behaviors collection. Once a behavior is added you can now customize it within the designer dialog, markup or in code.
    Figure 1: Customize Behavior in Markup…
    • Thu, Nov 13 2008
  • Watch & Learn Aikido WebDataGrid

    Our control experts have created videos that will take you inside the features of the WebDataGrid. These videos will help you understand the different behaviors, teach you how you can enable them and customize for your applications. 

    Over the next few days, we will be posting more videos as we complete our editing, but check out the link below where we've put up some videos to help you started!


    • Thu, Nov 6 2008
  • Under the hood of new Aikido WebDataGrid

    As most of you know about our Aikido framework for building lighter, faster web controls. With 2008 Volume 3, we have introduced our first ever Grid control built on top of it, called WebDataGrid. Check out the what's new product page to get more insight on what it can bring to your web development.
    A part from grid features like paging, scrolling, filtering… etc, there are lot of other benefits that the WebDataGrid…
    • Tue, Nov 4 2008
  • Aikido June 2008 CTP Released

    I am pleased to announce the June 2008 CTP of our Aikido framework has been released.  This release of the CTP includes a refresh of the WebDataGrid control, and WebDataTree. It also contains our preview of the new Drag and Drop framework.  
    You can check out the showcase demonstrating new features here.
    The WebDataGrid is a light-weight, high-performing, easy-to-use ASP.NET-based data bound grid control.…
    • Fri, Jun 27 2008
  • Infragistics at Great Indian Developer Summit

    I am at GIDS this week with our Infragistics India team and it has been a pleasure to meet with .Net and Java developers here. Me and Vic (our India team Evangelist) had opportunities to present Day One on User Experience and Day Two, a three hour workshop, on Infragistics NetAdvantage products. Thanks to all who participated in the sessions and making our rooms jam packed!! Some of the folks didn’t mind sitting on the stairs…

    • Wed, May 21 2008
  • New Product Manager on the Block

    Just wanted to take this time and introduce myself. My name is Murtaza Abdeali, aka Taz, you might already know me from Developer Support, Consulting, Training, Product Demos or might have met me at one of our trade show booths. Well, all of that fell under my role as a Technical Evangelist. Recently, I was asked if I wanted to be a Product Manager and I did not wait another moment for my decision[:)]. I accepted the…
    • Thu, Mar 6 2008