• UltraMediaPlayer CAB Walkthrough

    Hey everyone,

    To help those people that are using Windows Forms and Microsoft CAB, I decided to clean up and update my "Ultra Media Player" Reference application and tell you all about it.

    I created a video that walks you through the technical aspects of the application, as well as some aspects of Microsoft CAB (Composite UI Application Block), Infragistics CAB Utility Kit, as well as how you can make an awesome…

    • Wed, Jul 11 2012
  • Insert Dynamic Images in Infragistics Reporting

    Infragistics Reporting is an awesome product that you can use to add reports to your applications. I know many of you have Windows Forms applications and are thinking of using the IG Reporting to quickly add a rich set of reports. I ALSO know that there are customers that have custom controls that they have invested TONS of time in creating, for example, custom scientific charts (wink!) and would LOVE to see them in the…

    • Wed, Feb 1 2012
  • WinGrid Runtime Config and Persistence

    Ever wanted to create a WinForms app that uses WinGrid and expose the powerful control API to your end users so that they can totally customize columns, add formulas, style the look and feel, even add, remove and hide columns, or JUST ABOUT ANYTHING that you can typically do in Microsoft™ Visual Studio though the Property Window? Well, check out this blog post and you CAN!


    In this sample (feel free to download…

    • Thu, Jan 26 2012
  • Simple Microsoft CAB Sample

    As I was digging through the ole’ code bucket, I found a sample that I made several years ago in order to communicate the Microsoft™ CAB (Composite UI Application Block) Architectural Framework. There have been a few customers asking me questions about MS CAB as of late, so I decided to post this sample and discuss it a tad.

    This sample is a simple implementation of MS CAB; in other words, it does not use…

    • Thu, Jan 19 2012
  • WPF Data Chart to PDF

    The Infragistics NetAdvantage WPF controls toolset currently does not have a PDF engine, however, for certain cases, one can use the PDF engine available in the NetAdvantage Windows Forms toolset. In this topic, I will give you a quick explanation on how to accomplish this by taking an image snapshot of a WPF FrameworkElement and adding it to the PDF. I also include a simple downloadable sample.


    Getting Started


    • Mon, Jan 16 2012
  • NetAdvantage Reporting in Windows Forms

    So you want to add reporting capabilities to your Windows Forms applications, how is this done? By using the new Infragistics NetAdvantage Reporting product, you can now create and add reports to your Windows Forms applications easily!

    In this topic, I will show Windows Forms developers how to create a new report in Microsoft™ Visual Studio™ using the Infragistics NetAdvantage Reporting product and then display your…

    • Tue, Nov 29 2011
  • WinGrid Dropdown Column to Excel Dropdown List

    Ever wanted to export your WinGrid to a Microsoft™ Excel™ file complete with your dropdown columns intact so that your end users could select items from the same list in Excel? Well with the new Infragistics Excel Library ListDataValidationRule feature, part of the Excel Data Validation feature set, YOU CAN!

    How this is done:

    The sample application contains a WinGrid control bound to the Products table in…

    • Tue, Nov 22 2011
  • WinGrid Repetitive Paste

    Ever try to mimic Microsoft™ Excel™ features in your WinGrid powered application? Well now as of NetAdvantage 2011.2 volume release, there is one more feature added to WinGrid that you can just implement by the use of a property. This is called WinGrid Repetitive Paste.

    Typically when you copy a selection in WinGrid into your clipboard (learn more about WinGrid Clipboard Operations), you can paste the selection…

    • Mon, Nov 14 2011
  • Updated Excel-Style Filtering in WinGrid

    Infragistics has enhanced and updated the Microsoft™ Excel™-style filtering available in WinGrid in previous releases. Whenever enabling Excel-style filtering in WinGrid, you can filter WinGrid rows through a familiar Excel-style filter user interface as shown here:

    With this kind of filter user interface, end users can check the items that they wish to display in WinGrid.

    When no filter is applied, each…

    • Mon, Nov 14 2011
  • “Asyncify” Your WinGrid Exports!

    So you have a WinGrid powered application that contains exporting capabilities. This app was very easy to set up so that with the click of a button you can export to Microsoft™ Excel™, Microsoft™ Word™, PDF, or XPS formats. How do you make such awesome functionality even “Awesomer"? By adding the ability to export to these existing formats in an asynchronous fashion!

    WinGrid Excel Exporting…

    • Mon, Nov 14 2011
  • Docs on Upgrading to the new XAML controls


    As you may have heard, Infragistics made some great changes to evolve and merge our XAML-based product's code base so that you can easily port code from your NetAdvantage-powered Silverlight application to a NetAdvantage-powered WPF application and vise-versa. To understand the technical details behind this change, make sure you read Devin Rader's blog post.

    The purpose of my blog post is to ensure that…

    • Wed, Jun 16 2010
  • ASP.NET Aikido Controls Client-Side Object Model Code Snippets

    Today is the official anniversary of the PacMan video game from the 80s. Google has done a great job of adding a browser embedded version of the game. After you have spent some time advancing several levels you may feel guilty that you have not been so productive. In order to compensate for the time you have spent playing PacMan, I have something that will allow you to redeem yourself and increase your knowledge of the…

    • Fri, May 21 2010
  • Introducing NetAdvantage Help for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

    Infragistics is proud to announce the new NetAdvantage help for the Microsoft™ Visual Studio™ 2010 platform. The NetAdvantage docs that you have been using to help you through your development are now available for the new Visual Studio 2010 IDE. You can download the NetAdvantage Visual Studio help through the My IG > Keys & Downloads section of our site:

    Since this is a new version of the Microsoft…
    • Wed, May 5 2010
  • Uninstalling NetAdvantage Windows Forms and ASP.NET Visual Studio 2010 Help

    This topic will show you how to uninstall Infragistics NetAdvantage Windows Forms and ASP.NET Help content from your Microsoft Visual Studio Help system.

    1.       Launch the Visual Studio Help Library Manager


    2.       In the Help Library Manager dialog, click the Remove Content link


    3.       Locate the Help library that you wish to remove and click its Remove link



    • Tue, May 4 2010
  • Infragistics NetAdvantage Visual Studio 2010 Help Issues

    VS2010 Help Issues

    The new Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Help system is built upon a completely new system. The Visual Studio 2010 IDE ships with the first version of the new help system. There are several known issues in the help system that results in a less than optimal experience when viewing Infragistics NetAdvantage help content. We are attempting to resolve these issues by a combination of workarounds as well as…

    • Tue, May 4 2010
  • Installing Visual Studio 2010 Help for NetAdvantage Windows Forms and ASP.NET Products

    Infragistics is proud to announce the first version of NetAdvantage product documentation for the Microsoft™ Visual Studio™ 2010 help platform. Installing the help is as simple as executing an installer program; however a few additional steps are needed in order to install the help files for the NetAdvantage Windows Forms and NetAdvantage ASP.NET products. This topic will show you the steps that you need…
    • Tue, May 4 2010
  • Adding Objects to a Report Using Inch Coordinates

    The Infragistics Document Engine has a Site class that allows you add various objects to it by specifying point coordinates. During your application development engagements you may find yourself having to add items using other units such as Inches or Millimeters. This blog post shows you how you would go about adding an Image to a Report's Site object by specifying Inch coordinates.

    The Document Engine library has…

    • Wed, Sep 9 2009
  • WinGrid LINQ To XML CRUD Sample

    Hi everyone,

    I wrote this sample last year so that I can learn a little about LINQ to XML. This sample basically loads data from an XML file into a list of objects that gets bound to WinGrid. I used several techniques to handle the create, read, update, and delete operations. I also allow the end user to discard changes by restoring the initial copy of the records before they are altered.


    Run the application…

    • Tue, Sep 1 2009
  • New Docs Improvements for 2009.1

    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to bring some Docs improvements to your attention. First off, you will notice that the Windows Forms and ASP.NET Help has been separated. When you go to the Online Docs page, you will see this:

    Simply click on the link that represents the product you are working with.



    The ASP.NET Help has been improved to make it easier and more convenient for you to discover and learn about our controls…

    • Tue, Apr 7 2009
  • Application Styling - Style Selector User Control for WinForms

    Quite often, I notice myself having to write similar logic to allow end-users the ability to select one of the cool Application Styling themes that ship with Infragistics NetAdvantage Windows Forms controls. As I was sitting here I thought "Wouldn't it be cool if I just had a user control that I can toss onto a configuration form that allows the end-user to select from a list of styles that exist in a directory?" Well…

    • Tue, Feb 24 2009
  • How to export WinChart to Excel and how to print WinChart using WinPrintPreviewDialog

    Hey everyone,

     Have you ever wanted to export WinChart to Excel? How about showing WinChart in a Print Preview dialog? If you would like to know, then have I got the sample for you!

    Exporting to WinChart:

    Basically, what I am doing is newing up a Workbook object and adding a Worksheet to it. I then use WinChart's SaveTo( ) method and pass in a MemoryStream. This basically causes WinChart to save an image representation…

    • Thu, Sep 11 2008
  • Event Based WebSchedule Data Provider

    UPDATED ON 1/10/2011

    This post was written quite some time ago. Since then, a new, elegant component was added to the ASP.NET control set which does what this post tried to do. The new component is called the WebScheduleGenericDataProvider.

    Here are some help files on the new component.


    The NetAdvantage for ASP.NET WebSchedule controls represent a series of Web…

    • Fri, Aug 15 2008
  • NetAdvantage Help Table of Contents Explanation

    Hey, it's me again,

    I wanted to spend some time to talk about the NetAdvantage Documentation. When we open up the help, we see this Table of Contents and it seems to overwhelm us due to its size. We have done our best to help organize all of this content in such a way that will make sense. This blog post will help to explain the philosophy behind the Table of Contents (known herein as "TOC"):

     We will use…

    • Wed, Mar 26 2008
  • Embed Any Control In WinGrid Col Header Using IUIElementCreationFilter

    Here is a sample that I put together a while back when someone asked me about embedding "Any Control I Want" into the Column Headers of the Infragistics WinGrid. 

    I started to explain how to think about the control that you want to place in the Header and then try to build it through the use of the Presentation Layer Framework (Known here at Infragistics as PLF) and while losing him after the term "EditorWithComboDropDownButtonUIElement…

    • Fri, Aug 31 2007
  • A cool KB article on creating Excel files

    Did you know that there are Classes defined in Infragistics.Excel that can be used manually to generate Microsoft Excel files? It wasn't until I ran into a situation where I needed to create a complex Excel file (that represented a view of data based on a customer's mock up) that I realized that we can create an Excel file from scratch using the Infragistics.Excel classes.

    Check out this KB article and it will…

    • Mon, Jul 10 2006