A cool KB article on creating Excel files

Tom Puglisi / Monday, July 10, 2006

Did you know that there are Classes defined in Infragistics.Excel that can be used manually to generate Microsoft Excel files? It wasn't until I ran into a situation where I needed to create a complex Excel file (that represented a view of data based on a customer's mock up) that I realized that we can create an Excel file from scratch using the Infragistics.Excel classes.

Check out this KB article and it will show you the basics on how this is done:

HOWTO:Use Infragistics.Excel objects to manually create Excel files

The best benefit of doing it this way is that you do NOT need to have Excel installed on the machine generating these files and you also do NOT need to make any references to Interop assemblies and use unmanaged code. our Excel files are created from scratch, using managed code so please check this out.