Installing Visual Studio 2010 Help for NetAdvantage Windows Forms and ASP.NET Products

Tom Puglisi / Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Infragistics is proud to announce the first version of NetAdvantage product documentation for the Microsoft™ Visual Studio™ 2010 help platform. Installing the help is as simple as executing an installer program; however a few additional steps are needed in order to install the help files for the NetAdvantage Windows Forms and NetAdvantage ASP.NET products. This topic will show you the steps that you need to follow to successfully install, register, and then view the help for these products.
Note: In order to successfully install and view the Infragistics NetAdvantage Visual Studio 2010 Help, you must install the Visual Studio 2010 Help system during your Visual Studio 2010 Installation. This installs the help service that is used to host and serve the Visual Studio 2010 help content.

1.       Locate the help installer that you downloaded to your PC


2.       Install the help by double clicking the installer executable. Please make a note of the installation directory – you will need to navigate to this directory in subsequent steps in order to select the help files that were copied there.
NOTE: In Windows Vista and Windows 7, make sure that you run this installer as an Administrator. You must right click the installer and select Run as Administrator.

3.       Run the Visual Studio Help Library Manager.

NOTE: In Windows Vista and Windows 7, make sure that you run the Help Library Manager as an Administrator. You must right click the shortcut and select Run as Administrator.

4.       Click Install Content From Disk.


5.       Select the *.MSHA file that you installed  in the previous steps and click the Open button:

6.       Locate the new entry in the Help Library Manager dialog and click the Add link:


7.    Click the Update link towards the bottom of the dialog window.

Note: If you get prompted by a security dialog, accept it by clicking the Yes button.


8.       Wait for the merging to complete.

9.       Launch the Help

-  From the Start Menu shortcut:

-   Or launch it from Visual Studio 2010

In Visual Studio, click Help > View Help

Type in your search criteria, in this case type in NetAdvantage



Click on the search results

10.   View the Help. This concludes installing, registering, and viewing the NetAdvantage Visual Studio 2010 Help