New Docs Improvements for 2009.1

Tom Puglisi / Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hi everyone,

I wanted to bring some Docs improvements to your attention. First off, you will notice that the Windows Forms and ASP.NET Help has been separated. When you go to the Online Docs page, you will see this:

Simply click on the link that represents the product you are working with.



The ASP.NET Help has been improved to make it easier and more convenient for you to discover and learn about our controls. As you have witnessed the emergence of our new Aikido based controls, the Docs team wanted to make sure that you have access to the knowledge that you need to be successful. Here are some improvements to the ASP.NET Table of Contents:

The "Controls" section is new and it contains ALL of the ASP.NET Controls and Components as well as code libraries. This will make it easier for you to have just one place where you can access all the information that you need. The ASP.NET AJAX Controls section contains all of the Aikido based controls that we have been releasing so that it is easy for you to identify them. The existing ASP.NET controls have been placed in the ASP.NET Controls section.

In addition to the current release, we have added these cool new topics for existing controls:

Unbound WebGrid - Part1(Creating Column Schema)

Unbound WebGrid - Part2(Manually Adding Rows to WebGrid)

Here is another improvement regarding the ASP.NET AJAX Controls Client-Side Events:

1. Locate and expand the API Reference Guide. Expand the Infragistics.Web section:

2. For this example, locate and expand the Infragistics.Web.UI.GridControls Namespaces section, then locate and expand the Classes section:

3. Locate and expand the EditingClientEvents Class. Expand the Properties section and click on the  RowAdding Property topic. You will see that we have added code snippets that show you how to use this client side event:

Many Client-Side events have been documented in this fashion, with lots more on the way. Basically, most classes with the name "ClientEvents" have been updated to show examples of how to handle and use their Client-Side events and event arguments.



Windows Forms

The Windows Forms help has also been improved to help make your life easier. The following Table of Contents improvements have been made:

Just like the ASP.NET Help, the "Controls" section has been added so that all controls, components and code libraries are all under one section.

In addition to the current release, we have added these cool new topics for existing controls:

WinGrid Performance Guide

Create a User Control to apply StyleSets at runtime

Adding a Hyperlink to a cell in an Excel file many more!


The product documentation is your primary source to learn and become an expert with our controls, so make sure you take advantage of this resource! We are always working on improving the Docs to make them easier for you to use as well as to contain the topics that will allow you to realize and leverage the full potential of our product. The Docs Team would love to hear your requests for topics, improvements and ideas via email.