Updated Excel-Style Filtering in WinGrid

Tom Puglisi / Monday, November 14, 2011

Infragistics has enhanced and updated the Microsoft™ Excel™-style filtering available in WinGrid in previous releases. Whenever enabling Excel-style filtering in WinGrid, you can filter WinGrid rows through a familiar Excel-style filter user interface as shown here:

With this kind of filter user interface, end users can check the items that they wish to display in WinGrid.

When no filter is applied, each column header contains a distinct list of values that you can filter on. These distinct values are loaded into the Excel-style filter UI.

New in the Infragistics NetAdvantage 2011.2 volume release, the Excel-style filtering behavior has been enhanced as follows:

Whenever you apply a filter to any WinGrid column such as we have done here:

…causes the remaining Excel-style filter UI dropdowns in the remaining columns to also be reduced to only contain the remaining items in their respective columns after the other column filter is applied:

This enhancement definitely improves upon the Excel-style filtering capabilities that exist on WinGrid.