NucliOS Release Notes - May: 14.2.331, 15.1.70 Service Release

Torrey Betts / Wednesday, May 13, 2015


With every release comes a set of release notes that reflects the state of resolved bugs and new additions from the previous release. You’ll find the notes useful to help determine the resolution of existing issues from a past release and as a means of determining where to test your applications when upgrading from one version to the next.

Release Notes: NucliOS 2014 Volume 2 Build 331 and NucliOS 2015 Volume 1 Build 70

ComponentProduct ImpactDescriptionService Release
IGChartView Bug Fix

The first and last points are cropped in the OHLC and Candlestick series.

Note: Added useClusteringMode to category axis. Setting this property to true will stop cutting off half of the first and last data points in financial price series.

14.2.331, 15.1.70
IGSparklineView Bug Fix

Sparkline as a line is closing its geometry path.

Note: Fixed line-type sparkline rendering a filled polygon instead of a polyline.

14.2.331, 15.1.70

By Torrey Betts