2015 Infragistics UX Year In Review

Kevin Richardson, Ph.D. / Wednesday, December 23, 2015

This past year was one of transition for the user experience professionals at Infragistics. From product-based groups, we became a single, user experience team at the end of 2014. I think we can now agree that it was an excellent decision. Not only did Infragistics (and our clients) get a more unified vision of “design” but we all made a bunch of new friends and colleagues…and got better at our jobs.

I don’t have stats on all the work we did this year but here is just some of what we accomplished in 2015.

Published Thought Leadership

30 IG Blogs

07 UX Matters

01 Smashing Magazine

Invited Presentations

12 Conferences

15 Invited Presentations

UX Courses

01 UX @ Software University Bulgaria

11 UX Training Classes


To all our friends and clients (and future clients), have a very happy holiday and a wonderful 2016.


Director of UX @ Infragistics


Kevin Richardson has been working in the area of user experience for 25 years. With a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, he has deep experience across business verticals.

On the weekends, you can find Kevin on his motorcycle, racing for Infragistics Racing.