A Frank Lloyd Wright Approach to Digital Design

Kent Eisenhuth / Friday, January 9, 2015

Frank Lloyd Wright was a pioneer, an Avant-Garde architect who broke free of the design traditions of his era. His ideals are still used in architecture today, and his buildings have stood the test of time, remaining relevant in today’s digital age. As designers, we’re frequently asked to create digital experiences (especially in software) that will have a life expectancy of five to ten years. This is an eternity in “digital” time. It makes me wonder how can we create experiences that remain relevant in today’s rapidly evolving world

Applying Wright’s principles can help us overcome this challenge. Wright passionately abandoned the fashionable and frivolous Victorian design traditions of his time. According to his philosophy, every design decision and detail should serve a greater purpose. Additionally, his views on materials, open layouts, form, function, and environment can inspire us to rethink the way we approach our digital design work and even push the medium into new and exciting territories.

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