I’m hosting a session about Rich Interactions at HCII2011 next week

Tobias Komischke / Friday, July 8, 2011

I’ve been attending the “Human-Computer Interaction International” conference series since 1999 and at times I was somewhat frustrated with the relatively small number of practical and industry-centric talks and papers there. A lot of the methods, concepts, and UIs that are published at HCII come from universities and stay at the universities, meaning that they’re research-driven as opposed to market-driven.

Nothing wrong with that, but for me as a practitioner working in a world where in the end it’s about creating productized user experiences, I think that the world needs more applied contents. So when I was asked by the conference organizers if I could organize a session for this year’s conference in Orlando, I happily said yes and now on Tuesday morning we’ll have an awesome session called “Rich Application Technologies and Rich User Experiences”. It’s a hot topic and can be viewed from many different angles, incl. roles, technologies, and processes. Here’s the line-up of presenters:

  • Tobias Komischke, Infragistics:
    The Impact of Rich Application Frameworks on User Experience Design
  • Sam Zheng (co-chair), Siemens Corporate Research:
    Streamlining User Experience Design and Development: Roles, Tasks and Workflow of Applying Rich Application Technologies
  • Yishiu Chen, Verizon Wireless:
    Trends, Challenges and Promises of Rich Experiences on Mobile Devices
  • Cindy Lu, iNautix:
    Enhanced User Experience in Managing Personal Finance
  • Kevin Richardson, Electronic Ink:
    Design and Rich Application Frameworks
  • Marcela Esteves, Siemens Corporate Research:
    Designing Interaction Concepts, Managing Customer Expectation and Mastering Agile Development in Rich Application Product Development


All of these folks are experienced practitioners, so I can’t wait to see their presentations and have some great discussions.

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