Infragistics at DevWeek 2012 in London next week

Tobias Komischke / Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Next week, Monday 3/26 through 3/30, DevWeek 2012 will open its doors in London. It’s the UK's biggest software developer conference and Infragistics will be there with a booth and a session.


The session is on Thursday, 3/29 @ 9:30am and will be about smartphone UX design:

Smart UX design for smart phones
Tobias Komischke, Director of UX @ Infragistics

Designing for smart phones is not the same as designing for desktop or web applications. While many fundamental user experience design principles can be applied 1:1, there are unique factors that impact the UI design. This session provides concrete and applicable design considerations specifically for smart phones. The following topics will be addressed together with examples:

  • Special considerations for small form factors (navigation & user flow, providing orientation, rich interactions, notifications vs. alarms, data entry, text size etc.)
  • Special considerations for the context of use (one hand usage, usage while walking, contrast and glare effects, environmental noise impact)
  • Smart phone design languages: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone
  • Ways to mitigate the drawbacks of touch screens; recommendations on gestures and touch target sizes, etc.
  • Walking the line between ideating novel design and adhering to phone OS UI guidelines such as Microsoft’s Metro style guide.


If you’re attending the conference, please join the session on 3/29 and visit us at our booth (remember the great T-Shirts?)! We’re looking forward to some great discussions!