UX service consulting: It’s all about motivation!

Miao Wang / Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Since my consulting work started in UX Service group, I was questioned quite often about my job definition, specifically referring to its similarity to the position of “Interaction Designer” in Product Team. If you think about each individual’s obligation within the product development process, we both take charge of the user research and information architecture section; we also work closely with graphic designers and prototype developers to visualize and implement our high-end concepts. Same as UX Design gets involved in product tutorial design, providing customers with UX training is part of my job as well. Seems we’re mostly sharing the common ground, however, the interactions with customers reinforced my view that in order to enable customers’ innovating capability for their constantly emerging demands, it is UX Service’s unique value to assist them in mind changing upon the motivational design.



Why motivational design?

Obviously our customers are experts in their individual domains, which could be obscure for their customers to understand even if the technology itself is exclusively awesome. By cultivating their mind with user-centered design culture, the user-friendly product interface impresses their customers to get connected with their brand at ease.

Whenever customers come to us with questions, we always try to find the essence of problems. Instead of leaning “What”, we want to know “Why” before offering “How”. That drives us to work with customers together to customize their requirements regarding their specific business goals and technological restraints.

In today’s extremely complex market, the game changes rapidly as opportunity emerges everywhere deeply. Acting as customers’ extensible vision for market competition with our versatile industry experience, we are passionate to share our insights about their current product/ solutions within both benchmark and non-benchmark scales.

How to design motivation?

To gain one’s trust as a half done, build our customer relationship through user-centered interaction experience. Keep in mind that most of our customers have no idea about our domain and offerings, so that we have to convince them of our UX expertise and its benefit starting from their satisfaction within each interacting occasion.

Customer experience is a stage where our UX philosophy comes to life. We’re not privileged to make the final decision for customers, though our consultancy should represent our best practice in UX, like a delightful smile, bringing customers an impressive experience of UX service consulting.

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