WarGames, Table Tennis and “Sexy” Product Ideas – A Conversation about UX

Tobias Komischke / Monday, March 11, 2013

A former colleague of mine, Helmut Degen, runs a blog about UX from a bird's eye view. He covers UX industry news and a monthly interview with experienced UX professionals. For the newest edition he did an interview with me. Read here. 


screenshot of blog


I’m proud to stand in one line with folks like Daniel Rosenberg whom Helmut interviewed this past December. Dan’s book “Human Factors in Product Design” (Cushman & Rosenberg, 1991) was one of the very first books I read in college about applying the knowledge of human capabilities and limitations to user interface design. Back then, Human Factors Engineering was still a rather underdeveloped topic. There were not many books available about it, let alone books that were practical rather than philosophical.

If you read Dan’s interview and mine, you’ll see that we disagree a little about the future of the UX profession. He says our formal profession might disappear, I say it will live forever. I believe we both state some good arguments, so this could go either way in the future. What’s your prediction?