Nick Landry's New Gig: Senior Product Manager at Infragistics

With this inaugural post in what is to be considered the revival of my old blog under the same name, I have the distinct pleasure to announce:

I have joined the Infragistics family last month

After spending the last 16 of my 20 years of professional experience in IT & Technology Services, I am boldly stepping into the world of software products, and I could not be happier for it! It seems like 3 lifetimes ago that I was building Visual Basic solutions in the 1990's back in Montreal using the cool Sheridan Software ActiveThreed controls, and here I am, coming full circle, joining old buddies Jason Beres and Ambrose Little and an amazing team of friendly & smart people already in their 23rd year of business success.

So Nick, what's the job?

See the title of this post... My new role as Senior Product Manager is to take the helm of Infragistics' Mobile Development and Data Visualization tools, including our market leading and award winning NetAdvantage for WPF Data Visualization (and its Silverlight counterpart), and of course our NetAdvantage for Windows Phone and other (future) cross-platform goodness (wait... did he say cross-platform?)

Besides product management, I will also take a deeper dive in the community by writing articles and blogging, doing presentations at conferences, code camps and user groups, and trolling Twitter and various forums.

Where did you work before again?

For almost 8 years I worked for Infusion Development, a worldwide consultancy based in NYC which specializes in .NET.  My most recent position was Practice Manager, Location Intelligence & Enterprise Mobility where I managed the Location Intelligence Services (LIS) practice and enterprise mobility practice across several verticals in the US, positioning Infusion as the no.1 strategic partner worldwide for Bing Maps solutions development.  I worked on projects based on Microsoft Bing Maps & Geospatial technologies, Enterprise Mobility technologies (e.g. iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, etc.), and Touch Computing & New User Interface technologies (e.g. Microsoft Surface, Windows 7, Kinect, etc.). Prior to that, I did my time on Wall Street for Infusion, consulting at various investment banks, including Lehman Brothers (RIP), Barclays Capital, Standard & Poor’s and Deutsche Bank.

If you want to know more about my background, you can check me out on LinkedIn:

Developers! Developers! Developers!

The Microsoft developer community has been a central part of my career since 1996. I’ve been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for now 8 years, currently awarded on Windows Phone Development, and prior to that for Device Application Development. I’ve essentially been specializing on enterprise mobility for the last 10 years… way before it was cool to do so. I’ve been a speaker at various conferences like TechEd, DevConnections, DevTeach and others for over 12 years now, and you can expect to see me even more at developer conferences, code camps, user groups, in online webinars, podcasts and other community events in the coming months and years, spreading the goodness about mobility, mapping, Microsoft, Infragistics and more.

Oh, and make sure to follow me on Twitter at @ActiveNick

So you’re basically paid to design cool mobility & DV products, speak at conferences, blog and tweet?

Yup! I love my new job!

I hate you!

Aw, you don’t have to… you can join us too, you know?

What about the blog? What’s it about?

You can expect a lot of talk and news about the world of Windows Phone, but I hear there are other smartphone platforms out there so I might sometimes talk about that too, I dunno. I’ll basically cover stuff related to my job, so I’ll definitely cover location intelligence, mapping and data visualization too. I’m also an avid gamer and I love dabbling in game development, which means you can expect some XNA love as well as sprinkled references and posts about Star Wars, Star Trek and World of Warcraft.

If geeks care about it, there’s a chance I might talk about it here…

TLD;DR: I joined Infragistics, I do mobile and DV stuff. What do you want me to talk about?

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