NucliOS Controls for iOS 7 Developers


Today marks the general availability of iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad users. The latest version of Apple’s mobile OS sports a new look & feel, along with many great new features for users and developers alike. The NucliOS team at Infragistics has been walking in close step with iOS 7 throughout beta releases over the last few months. We’re pleased to announce that NucliOS now fully supports iOS 7.

Build iOS 7 Apps with NucliOS

Infragistics just pushed out a new service release for NucliOS, bringing iOS7 support for all our iOS developers. This update applies to native Objective-C developers as well as C# developers using Xamarin.iOS. Make sure to download this NucliOS update if you plan on targeting iOS 7 and the new iPhone 5S.

The NucliOS update includes:

  • Support for the newer, cleaner visual style of iOS 7
  • Consistent look & feel between the default Cocoa Touch Controls from Apple and NucliOS controls from Infragistics
  • NucliOS controls are fully tested to work with iOS 5 – iOS 7, allowing you to easily develop apps that target the most iOS devices


If you haven’t tried NucliOS yet, make sure to download the latest version of our Trial version here. If you already own NucliOS, simply head over to your Account page and download the latest service release.

To learn more about the latest features we introduced last Spring in NucliOS release 13.1, read the blog post announcement here. Stay tuned for release 13.2 coming soon, we have a lot of great new controls and features in store for you.

New NucliOS Samples Browser App

We’ve also updated our free NucliOS Samples Browser app with the following:

  • Built-in support for iOS 7’s visual style of controls
  • New parallax effect in the Home screen
  • Full compatibility with iOS 7 on iPhone, iPad Mini and iPad, while still maintaining the original look & feel for iOS 5-6 users


You can download the NucliOS Samples Browser app from the iTunes App Store for free here or using the QR code to the right.

NucliOS Samples Browser Link QR Code-425


Got questions or feedback about NucliOS? Be sure to visit the NucliOS forums, submit and vote for your favorite ideas, or follow @infragistics and @ActiveNick on Twitter.



Comments  (3 )

Tulai Paul
on Fri, Sep 20 2013 10:04 PM

Great. The developers would be immensely benefited by  NucliOS like utility. Hope appnext or inmobi or Tapjoy will also provide such a tool to its users to make its apps and games compatible with the new iOS7.

Ryan Kunz
on Mon, Sep 23 2013 11:49 AM

The current trial download doesn't seem to include the service release, so I am seeing problems on iOS7. Can you make the service release available to the trial customer?

Neil Haran
on Wed, Dec 3 2014 8:41 PM

Can we please have a version of the samples browser written in C# and Xamarin? This would be amazing as it would also work on Android potentially.