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Amy Quinn
Amy Quinn 13

I am a Senior User Experience Architect in the UX Services group at Infragistics. As a consultant, I get to help our customers create usable and engaging user interfaces using the controls we have developed here at Infragistics. I also help our customers learn and adopt user experience methodologies. Since I work in such dynamic field, I am always actively learning more about new technologies and methods. I actively publish in user experience journals, write blog articles, and speak at conferences in the field, including the 2009 Usability Professionals’ Association Annual conference.

I have been a user experience professional for 8 years. During that period, I have utilized my talents as an interaction designer and design researcher to create usable and engaging user interfaces for a wide variety of industries. Prior to joining Infragistics, I held a senior consulting position at a boutique user experience consulting firm in Chicago called Centralis. I have also worked as part of user experience teams at Allstate, SPSS, and User Centric. I have a Masters of Human Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA in Psychology and History from New York University.


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