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Spasimir Dinev UX Art Director, Infragistics
A sworn advocate of simple intuitive design, witty wordplay and the ever-so-rare common sense. Father. Pug owner.
David Negley Product Architect, Infragistics
David is a software architect specializing in data visualization. He develops data visualization components for the web, windows, and mobile, such as the DataChart and the GeographicMap...
Karl Shifflett
Pragmatic software engineer who strives to write simple, maintainable, and testable code. Passions are XAML, Electron, ES2015 (ES6), Node.js, Angular. Find him @kdawg02
Dean Guida Founder & CEO, Infragistics
An entrepreneur with a passion for helping businesses get experiences right, Dean oversees all of Infragistics globally.
Danko Valkov Sr. Manager, DevOps, Infragistics
Danko is responsible for the implementation of the proper ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) tools, DevOps processes, and the best CI/CD practices for Infragistics. He has been...
Nelly Tacheva Manager, Product Development, Infragistics
With a true passion for transparency, open communication, and great collaboration, Nelly leads people and teams to a better version of themselves, and is currently delving into the...
Michael Germann Senior Solutions Consultant, Infragistics
Mike's passion is solving problems, and he enjoys doing so with code.
Sarah Roman Staff Content and Technical Writer, Infragistics
Sarah Roman is a former English teacher who's converted to the tech world. On any given day, she enjoys reading, writing, and tinkering with electronics.
Jason Beres Senior VP of Developer Tools, Infragistics
Jason Beres spearheads customer-driven, innovative features and functionality throughout all of Infragistics’ products. He's also a Microsoft .NET MVP, member of the INETA Speakers...