Darian O'Reilly Sr. UX Designer
With an in-depth understanding of human behavior and a passion for visual design, Darian delights in creating useful, usable, and elegant interfaces.
Joanna Arnaiz Senior UX Designer, Infragistics
Joanna Arnaiz is a designer with 8+ years of experience in the field. She defines herself as a multidisciplinary designer with a keen eye for innovation and pixel perfection.
Maia Ottenstein Associate UX Designer, Infragistics
Maia is a user experience designer and researcher. She works with clients and users to create beautiful solutions that are efficient and easy to use.
Stanka Bozalieva
Stanka has a Master degree in Architecture. Along the way, her interest in technology, people-oriented design solutions and behavior naturally led her to a career in User Experience...
Stefan Ivanov UX Architect, Infragistics
A designer at heart, Stefan is driven by the desire to make Infragistics’ Dev Tools the best experience in the world.
Kevin Richardson, Ph.D. Director of User Experience, Infragistics
Kevin is an advocate for the practical application of design process. He’s also an author, speaker, and rider for Infragistics Racing.
Jim Ross Principal UX Architect
Jim has enjoyed helping people by researching and designing excellent user experiences since 2000.
Simeon Simeonoff Senior UX Designer, Infragistics
Simeon is a "beauty in all things" aficionado. Among other passions, he loves designing and implementing User Interfaces and Experiences.