Do you jQuery?

There has been a steadily growing buzz over jQuery, and many development teams have already introduced it as a standard library in their Ajax applications.  The buzz just got much much louder, when Microsoft announced that jQuery will now be included and officially supported inside of Visual Studio .NET. 

Even though I haven't yet embraced jQuery, it looks like it has huge promise and potential.  It's a well crafted light weight Javascript framework that makes most common tasks trivial.  It has great support for css selectors, meaning you can find an element based on a css selector instead of hard coding id's into every element.  What's even better, you can get references to multiple elements and treat them as a single entity - setting the css class on hundreds of elements in a single line of Javascript.  That's something I KNOW I can quickly get used to..

So my next step is to start playing around with this new (to me) framework, though I think I've already decided that I'm a fan. 

I'm interested in what you think.  Are you already using jQuery?  Are you planning on using it?  Is the fact that Microsoft is now standing behind this library make it more attractive to you?  Leave your feedback in the comments.

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