Social Networking Fan? Information Junkie?

If you haven’t found us yet, Infragistics is on both Facebook and Twitter.  If you use either of these networks, you can follow us and get all of the latest information in a single place.

There are also a bunch of Infragistics employees up on twitter, for example you can follow me @igtony.  I’ve just started talking about the 2009.1 release which I’ve tagged with #na91.  Tagging allows you to easily search for a keyword.  The # (hash) is used to differentiate ordinary words from tags.  You can then use to search for a particular tag. 

There’s your tip to staying connected for today!

BTW, I’m headed up to Waltham MA tomorrow to speak at THE New England Code Camp.  I’ll be up there tomorrow night (3/27/2009) looking for something to do.  Shoot me a message on twitter (a tweet) if you’re in the area!

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