The Quince Team

All of the best things are the product of a collaboration of minds, talents, and energies, and Quince is no exception.  I think it is nice to get to know the people a little bit who are behind the products I use, and since there's been a lot of folks who seem to be digging Quince on twitter and blogs, I thought you might like to meet the team that built Quince.

First off, let's start with engineering.  These guys are one of the most hardworking, talented, and knowledgeable teams of developers you'll meet.  And as you can see, they have a great attitude and sense of humor!

The Quince Engineering Team

Andrés Aguiar is the architect and team leader, and he also contributed a lot early on by compiling our selections for the library of patterns we have in Quince today as well as proposing a few patterns himself!  Diego Rivero, Ignacio Álvarez, Leonardo Rodríguez, Nicolás Castagnet, and Claudio Pi are the developer muscle behind Quince.  Even though we didn't have the advantage of co-location (and they had to interpret my many colloquialisms and idioms!), they did a bang up job of patiently and expertly developing the product while also providing great feedback and suggestions.

The architecture is very solid, and Quince is doing quite well all things considered from a runtime perspective.  For those interested, Andrés said he'd blog about the architecture in Quince.  Keep an eye on his blog.  Now he's committed. :) 

I can't say enough good things about these guys!  Quince would simply not exist without them.

Now for the UX team.  It's too cold for us to go swimming up here in New Jersey right now, so I just quickly plastered together an old family album of all of our head shots (from our about page on this blog).

The Quince UX Team

First there's yours truly, Ambrose.  I'm the interaction designer (IxD) and product manager (PM) for Quince, which means that for good or ill, you can blame me for the bulk of the UX and what made it into Quince and what didn't. :)  Of course, I didn't design this in a vacuum.  I had the expert advice from the rest of the UX team--they all pretty much would drop what they were doing to help me out whenever I asked. 

In addition, Joel was a huge help in authoring the patterns.  Writing those things is not trivial, even with the great sources we had, and I would not have completed that effort without his tremendous help.  Peter and Tobias ran some usability testing for us and compiled the results into actionable feedback, and Peter also put together and shared some great information to help bring the rest of Infragistics up to speed on Quince.  Finally, when I could get squeeze some spare time out of Ken, his keen designer's eye helped refine the visual design. 

There were others who contributed as well.  Folks from the Infragistics IS and Web teams who helped get things going so we could host Quince for everybody.  Those who volunteered for usability testing, and those in Infragistics who conceived of and sponsored Quince through to its completion. 

So, if you like Quince, please feel free to pat any of these folks on the back if you happen to run into them.  I'm sure they'd appreciate it.  And in any case, now you have all our lovely faces ;-) to think of when you're in a pinch and need to know if Alternative Views is right for you (and how to implement it!).