A Brief Etymology of Quince

Quince Icon

Quince, as you might deduce from our icon (above), is a fruit.  If you read the Quince intro, I briefly allude to Quince being a fruit and link to this wikipedia article about Quince.  But I thought it'd be fun to expound upon the origins for your reading pleasure.

First, to pronunciation.  Those of you who took Spanish or speak it natively have to forget all that when you see Quince.  No es el número quince.  This is reg'lar, ol' English.  It is pronounced KWINSE (the wikipedia article has the official IPA scribbles, for those 10 people who can read that).  It's sort of like a portmanteau of quints and rinse.

Now the natural question that should be in your mind is why Quince?  The short answer, is that quince is delicious!  But I guess that still doesn't really explain it fully.

You see we have a long history of delectable delights here at Infragistics--what I like to call a veritable cornucopia of exemplars.  It all started with our WPF exemplar, Tangerine.  It's a little known fact that AppStylist was almost named Tangerine (almost.. as in Grant Hinkson suggested it, and I liked it.. before it was quickly shot down in a brainstorming session).  So he and I vowed to resurrect "tangerine" one day, and we did!

Thus began our venerable tradition of fruit-christening.  It wasn't long after Tangerine that we began work adding our SharePoint exemplar, Pomegranate, to our cornucopia.  ('Nother little known fact--Pomegranate was originally named Sugarplum, but apparently I'm the only one who liked that name!)  Now it's been launched into the wild, too.

Finally, when it came time to name our new baby--even though it's more than just an exemplar--we naturally felt inclined to carry on this winsome way.  We did have some other interesting ideas (Polyfrond, Snowflake, Tenderloin, and Tessellate, come to mind), but in the end, I think it was Andrés' love of dulce de membrillo and mine of quince jelly won the day. 

So you see, it really was because quince is delicious (at least the jelly is!). :)