Infragistics at BASTA Spring 2012

Last week Infragistics was at BASTA Spring in Darmstadt, Germany. We had 5 folks from Sales, Evangelism and UX Services at our booth where we had great discussions with attendees. I gave a talk about how the UX of products can be assessed. Like the past years both the booth and the UX talk were well attended. Developers appreciate the chance to learn about practical UX issues.


Several talks revolved around Windows 8 and its design language “Metro” that many already know from Windows Phone. In fact, the keynote talk was addressing that topic, too, and the room was so packed that I couldn’t even get into it. Quite some excitement about Windows 8. Other sessions demoed how quickly simple apps can be build in Metro style.

The photo below shows Infragistics’ Kiril (left) and Dirk (right) with the lucky winner of the Kindle e-Reader that we raffled off.



For all the others who didn’t win the raffle we gave away T-shirts, frisbees, etc. I was quite surprised how well our girl-edition T-Shirts (“"I love Geeks”) went. Women wanted them for themselves, women wanted them for their friends, men wanted them for their wives, men wanted them for their daughters… Smile