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Infragistics Template Gallery - not able to create a proect from template

I'm trying to create a new project using Infragistics Template Gallery (2015.2). I'm using VS2014

I tried to run VS2014 under my id and administrator.

my colleague tried to create new project on his workstation ; his configuration is VS2012/Infragistics 2014.1

both of us are getting same result: popup window named "Infragistics Templates" , message on it "No installed Infragistics project templates found", additional warning "No internet Connection available..." I searched for the Template Gallery Package on but it's not exists.

what folder the template should be installed? may be I can just copy files folders over ? 

is there any way to download sources for template projects from the Gallery?



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    Offline posted

    Hi Sveta,

    Have you tried installing the VSIX file for the template gallery manually? If so, do you get any error message?

    Is your computer behind a firewall or a proxy? If so, this can interfere with the download.

    Please let me know.