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Infragistics Netadvantage 2008 V1 License

I currently have a  Infragistics Netadvantage 2008 V1 and also have a  Infragistics Sales Confirmation  , but my colleague has quit the job , now I can't install the component on my computer, it only allow me to install the trial version. What can I do?

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    Assuming that you have transferred the license from your colleague to yourself, you simply run the installer and enter the key.  If you need to transfer the license, reach out to with the details of what key to transfer.

    As far as the key only allowing a trial install, there was an issue with the older installers where sometimes a bad key would be cached until a computer was restarted if it was input into the installer by pasting from a rich text source that included formatting characters.  It is possible that if you restart the machine and either type the key in or copy it from a plain text editor like Notepad that it will work as expected.

    If you do continue to have installation issues, it is best if you can include a log file for us to review.  To create a log file, see Creating an installation log file for Infragistics installers for 2010 Volume 3 and older.

    Let me know if you have any questions.