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Merged cell regions cannot overlap

We have infragistics excel export issue in windows application. Which was working fine with Visual Studio 2013 and Infragistics Version 9.1.

After I upgraded Infragistics controls from 9.1 to 15.1 version, the excel export is not working.

I got the error 'Merged cell regions can't overlap'.



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    Offline posted

    Hi Premkumar,

    I'm not able to reproduce the merged cell regions can't overlap error using 16.2. If you are using a different version please clarify the Infragistics version number that you are using. Please reproduce this issue in the attached sample. I will further look into this issue as soon as I receive the sample with the error reproduced in it.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Sahaja Kokkalagadda
    Associate Software Developer