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Diffrence between Windows Forms And WPF Gantt Chart Control


I need a urgent help to know the major differences between the WPF and Windows forms Gantt Chart control,

As my existing project in WPF so i just want to know that the WPF control has all the features present in Windows Forms control or is there missing some featues.

So please help me as i have to choose the appropriate control and start working in very  short time.

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    Hello Naveen,

    Most of the features available in the Windows Forms WinGanttView control are also implemented in the WPF XamGantt:

    • Adding/Updating/Deleting tasks and sub-tasks
    • Critical tasks
    • Summary tasks
    • Deadlines
    • Tooltip support
    • Synchronization between the grid and chart areas
    • Column sorting
    • Resize and move tasks in the chart area
    • Setting timeline intervals in chart area

    Some WinGanttView features that are not implemented in XamGantt:

    • Custom columns
    • Printing with an additional component called WinGanttViewPrintDocument

    Some XamGantt features that are not implemented in WinGanttView:

    • Load a project from a MS project xml file
    • Save a project to a MS project xml file

    You can find more information about the features in the online documentation:

    I can say that if you plan to work on a wpf project, hosting a windows forms control in a wpf application might have unknown problems in particular situations that will require additional investigation.

    Please let me know if you have any other quesetions on this matter.