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2016.2.2045 nuget packages (WPF + Windows Forms)


I just downloaded the 2016.2.2045 service update and installed the nuget packages for WPF and Windows Forms. Anyway the installer downloaded these two zip files:


These seems to be "trial" versions of the nuget packages and not the licensed binaries I need for development/deployment.

Can you please double check and let me know if the "trial" in the file name is a mistake or is intentional, and how I can download the "not trial" nuget packages?


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    Hello Luigi,

    If you are licensed to the WindowsForms and WPF Infragistics 2016.2 product, I would expect that the NuGet packages would be downloaded without the Trial. I have been investigating into this, and I have installed the NuGet packages both via the .msi files that come with the "Service Release" download and by using the Platform Installer. From your description, I am assuming that you have tried downloading using the .msi files.

    The .msi files do not require a key when running, and they should pick up on the 2016.2 version of the product that is installed, and whether or not it is a Trial version or a Licensed version. One thing I am curious about is that there was a bug in 2016.2, where the NuGet download for the licensed product would install a single Trial package, and perhaps this is where this issue is stemming from?

    For the time being, I would recommend uninstalling version 2016.2 and then re-installing with your product key using the platform installer and install the latest update through the platform installer as well. You can do this by checking the checkbox that asks if you wish to install the latest service release when deciding which products you wish to install. If you still receive these trial NuGet packages, please let me know and we will continue from that point.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.

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