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How do I completely uninstall Infragistics controls?

Hi, due to some conflict with previous install after upgrading from v16.1.2088 to v16.1.2188 (I think) I need to completely remove (including registry entries) of Infragistics so I can try to install v16.2.  I went into Programs and Features and uninstalled from there but the registry entries still remain.  How do I get rid of them?  It's kinda sad that your uninstall process leaves it hanging around.

My history:

I had originally v15.9 trial version installed for demoing the essentials.  Then uninstalled it and installed

The story:

Due to VS 2015 crashes after dragging and dropping controls or opening a form that has an infragistics control I decided to upgrade using the tool inside VS (Infragistics Menu Item).  It upgraded me to another version of 16.1 (not 16.2 as desired).   So after updating the references in my project I got an error while dragging any control to the design surface that  File.IO.blah blah blah Infragistics Licensing for version 16.1.2088 could not be found error message.

Plot thickens:

At this point I went to Programs and Features and removed anything that had the word Infragistics in it,  I then downloaded Infragistics_Professional_20162_WithSamplesAndHelp and ran the installer.  Followed the same steps for references in my project, dragged and dropped the toolbarmanager and Wham! Same friggin error EXCEPT it's version was v16.1.2188.

So I won't go into any flame thread here; but of our 11 developers licensed for this product 8 of us are having VS crashes while using v16.1.xxxx.

So do you guys have a remove tool or something that will clean up your leftover registry entries?