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Customer Disservice

Hello my name is Larry Lehman with Winooski Computer Services in Winooski, VT.  I would like to share on this forum a troublesome phone call that I had received today.

I received a phone call from a sales agent by the name of Sarah and she had with her a manager from Infragistics. He was practically yelling at me for nearly 5 minutes about what the support policies was and how Windforms was not going to be supported the way other technologies was because there in 'high' demand. right now over Winforms.

I am a Winforms developer for non-profit agencies and thought that I would get the same respect and tech/customer support as other who have a need for any type of web development.  I found out very quickly that this was not the case.  When I ask the only question that I could about having PDF exporting capabilities on two of the components and expressed my concern for having those my response was that 'I was just preaching to the choir and that it was not going to happen anytime soon.'  When I heard that I go the impression that it was either their way or the highway.  They did not even bother to give me a resolution about this matter that I had asked for in support tickets just 2 days before (Please note that priority support is to be 1 day).

I did not realize that this was the 2017 way of customer service.  I am still in old school where the customer comes first.  My how times have changed.  I feel sorry for any Infragistics customer who is reading this.  Maybe that is why some of the posts are not exactly current because they had received similar experiences.

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    I have reviewed your recent support cases as well as spoken with Sarah and Doug about the call that you had and I am aware that you are looking for PDF export capabilities for both the UltraSpreadsheet and rich text documents.  Both of these capabilities are new product ideas for the Windows Forms product and it is recommended that if you want to see these added to the product in a future release that you add an idea on the windows forms ideas site for each one.

    Product ideas are evaluated as each release is planned to see what should be included in the product and that would allow these to be prioritized amongst other feature requests for development in future versions of the windows forms toolset.  To solve your immediate needs today there are two options with our toolset:

    • Manually build the PDFs that you need in code using our documents engine.
    • Use Infragistics Consulting to help you build what you need to generate the PDF files which is billed hourly.

    For the spreadsheet specifically there may be a few other alternatives including:

    • Changing the control used to be the UltraGrid if it meets your needs since that control does have PDF export capability.
    • Use Excel Interop to generate the PDF using an approach similar to what is shown in the answer on this stack overflow question.

    If you have questions on how to use the PDF engine or our controls, Infragistics Developer Support is available to assist you with those questions.  Please also note that it is outside of the scope of developer support to do the implementation of these custom requirements for you and if you need them done for you then your best option is to have this done through a services engagement.

    Let me know if you have any questions.