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A gripe about support and sample projects

Now, working in both a development and support function, I can appreciate that everyone is busy and that trying to debug faults in my application isn't the job of support. However, I do get a little tired of the support process going like this:

  1. Either upgrade to newer version of NetAdvantage or upgrade some other component (IE8 in this case)
  2. Something that's worked perfectly for years breaks in a non-trivial part of the application
  3. Raise support call and describe fault
  4. Support says "I've tried it and it works" - not surprising as often the fault is not trivial and occurs deep within the application


But it's the next request that often follows - "Please supply example project" that is sometimes irksome. It's going to take me several hours to try and and build a sample standalone project and at the end of that, it's not guaranteed I'll be able to reproduce the fault. It could be that it only happens in a very specific situation that a sample project can never reproduce. I once had to resort to sending you a complete VM so you could see the fault as when stripped down to basics, it didn't happen. It turned out in that case to be a localisation bug.

In situations like this, it would be preferable to discuss the problem conceptually with the developer. Wearing my development hat, the support people here often go "Can you think of any reason why XYZ should happen?". As I know the code and they don't, it's often very easy for me to glance down the code and go "Ahh, yes - that could happen if XYZ".

So the plea is to not always bounce the support call straight back at me. I'm not in the habit of making up issues just for the hell of it :-)

Cheers, Rob,

PS. The DELETE key doesn't work in this editor. Backspace is fine.