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Why Infragistics Braks its promise ?

Dear Sirs.

I have use your products for ages, and you always keep promises,

Begining of 2009 you tels that you will add in infragistics control win 7 style interface as soon as it relaced,

here is 2009 Vol 2 after Win 7 RTM. But there is not Win 7 Style Theme and There is no scenic Ribbon.

Or May Be I missed somthing.

So Friends tell us when we will see that feature ? (Answer in next realace 2010 v 1 after 6 month is not acceptable).

SilverLightl,WPF is good but from my point of view you shoul take more attantion for older mature technologyes such WinForm beacse there is many many bussines applications on winform and we need to extend new look and feel without rewriting its to WPF.

Thank you for Advance.




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    Suggested Answer

    First and foremost, thank you for being a loyal customer over the years.  The 2009.2 release was a huge release for us as we introduced some significant new controls including the WinTilesPanel.  That control was created specifically with Windows 7 in mind.  Not only do you see more animations in that operating system, but you see how subtle changes such as that can really impact an application.  Secondly, the WinControlContainerEditor was created with WPF in mind by giving you the ability to easily embed different controls in your existing Infragistics controls.

    I'm sure the main feature that you're looking for is the "Scenic" Ribbon.  I can assure you that this feature is extremely high on our feature list.  However, as I'm sure you know, Microsoft has a set of design guidelines for the Ribbon (  In order to implement the Ribbon, you need to agree to adhere to these guidelines. 

    With that said, our business development staff has been working hard at acquiring permission and/or guidelines to make this implementation and as soon as Product Management receives the green light, this feature will be at the top of the list of features to implement.

    Kind Regards,

    Andrew M. Flick
    Product Manager, Infragistics