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How do I get my Product Key

I work for a large company where they paid for X number of developer licenses.  Because my software was pushed to my PC I do not have my a CD case with the key on it.  I am not having much luck with my issues on the forms.  Can anyone tell me how to get my Product Key from my installed version of my software so I can register it?

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    I am happy to assist you, and do apologize for any inconvenience.

    If you would like to try and locate your existing CD Key, this will be embedded in your existing product.  (Be sure to go to the machine in which the product was installed.) You will need to Go to your start menu-->RUN-->Type in regedit-->Click OK-->Open HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT-->Locate the product under Infragistics-->Double click on serial number-->CD Key will be listed on the right under Data.

    In order to receive the appropriate support, you must register your product key on our website at:

    Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions or concerns.


    Marie DiPoalo

    Customer Support Supervisor



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