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Access to NetAdvantage 2008 installer?


I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this request, so sorry if it isn't.

I'm trying to provide support for a legacy application which uses the 2008.1 version of the NetAdvantage winclient. Though I have a registered license for the 2009 components I have installed on my machine, I'm unable to compile the legacy project which references the 2008.1 dlls in SVN.

A college with a similar problem fixed it by installing the 2008 vol 1 package, however I don't have access to that installer, hence my asking if it is possible there is an archive access?

Thanks in advance,


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    Hello Dan:

    I am happy to assist you.

    If you have just purchased our NetAdvantage toolset, and require a back version of our software, please send your request to

    Your request will need to include your new "registered" key, as well as the exact back version needed, as we can only offer you one back version- per new purchase.

    Please email me with any additional questions or concerns.

    We value your business and thank you for choosing Infragistics!


    Marie DiPoalo

    Customer Support Supervisor

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