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Obtaining older version of UltraToolBar Version 4 and Protoview

Hello, I have a customer who has an old VB6 project - for various reasons at present, they want to be able to rebuuld the application but they no longer have an environment which contains the older Infragistics software required.

It appears that the used UltraToolBar 4 and Protoview - is this software version available from Infragistics?

Object={85202277-6C76-4228-BC56-7B3E69E8D5CA}#5.0#0; IGToolBars50.ocx
Object={F20E41DE-526A-423A-B746-D860D06076B4}#4.0#0; IGThreed40.ocx
Object={1943D383-0595-405B-9390-0A5CAAC0827F}#4.0#0; IGSplash40.ocx
Object={E5DB8ACE-53B6-11D3-ABB3-00A0CC3A278C}#1.0#0; PVColorCombo.ocx
Object={CFFE0A60-8E3A-11D3-BCC0-00104B9E0792}#1.0#0; SSInput1.ocx

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    These controls are included in UltraSuite 3.  Sales will reach out to you through email regarding obtaining UltraSuite 3.

    Let me know if I may be of further assistance.

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