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NetAdvantage for ASP.NET 2006 Vol. 3 CLR 2.0


I am trying to install NetAdvantage for ASP.NET 2006 Vol. 3 CLR 2.0, however my license key for that particular version is not working. I already have 2009 Vol. 1 installed on the computer.

Thanks in advance,


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    Verified Answer

    Hello Lloyd:


    I am happy to assist you.


    In order to view all available keys and downloads, you will need to log onto our website at:, as our keys are version specific.


    Once logged in, you will then go to "My IG"......"Keys & Downloads".....Once you click on this you will see several tabs listed below...Under the "NetAdvantage" tab you will see all of the available keys/downloads/hotfixes, etc. for each version. You may then select the appropriate version needed.


    If you are receiving an "Invalid Key" message, please reboot your machine, as your prior version key may be stuck in memory.




    Marie DiPoalo

    Customer Support Manager