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Infragistics UltraSuite OCX registration

Can anyone help with registering old versions?

As per IG's sales instruction I requested old versions of the software on the order form.


“Please note we need the back version of this which includes IGThreed40.OCX version, SSInput1.ocx v,

sstree.ocx v1.0.4.6 and PVTaskPad.ocx v”


On running the install the old (ultrasuite) and new (ultrasuite 3.02) versions are on my PC but only the new versions are registered... when I try and reference the old OCX’s I get for example from VB6 “SSINPUT1.OCX was not registerable as an OCX component”. When I try and manually register the component using REGSVR32.exe I get an error of 0x8002801 c.

Thanks all!