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Welcome to the New Infragistics Forums!

You've been talking, and we've listened.  Based on your feedback and our research and analysis, we've chosen Telligent's Community Server (CS) for our new forums and newsgroups software system.  Based on our research, we think that CS will be the best community server system for us to continue building our online Infragistics community now and for the foreseeable future.  We hope you like it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some of the great features?
A: Well, how about RSS feeds for the forums?  How about good searching capabilities?  How about email notifications?  How about ease of use, rich profiles and personalization, and great UX?  And CS has a built-in member points system that lets you be recognized for your efforts in helping your fellow community members.  These are just a few highlights that we hope you'll enjoy in the new system. 

Q: Are the forums an avenue for guaranteed support?
A: While many Infragistics employees do and will monitor the forums and participate, the forums are not a means for guaranteed support.  If you need guaranteed support, please consult our Support Policies to find out how you can get support.  Also, the forums are only one way you can get help with our products; check out the many other ways you can get help.

Q: What's happening to the old forums?
A: Once we go live, we're just going to archive them at  Your input was that it was more important for us to get a new and improved system in place, even if it means archiving the old posts in this way.  You will still be able to search old forums posts using that system at the given URL.

Q: Can I still use NNTP?
A: Yes.  While the vast majority of survey respondents indicated they prefer Web forums, we didn't want to leave those who prefer NNTP out in the cold.  You can still subscribe to our forums via NNTP in your favorite newsgroup reader.  The only trick is that you'll need to first sign into the forums online before you can post using your Infragistics Web site credentials in NNTP.  You may also note that the names have changed--they directly reflect the structure you see online.  

Q: How do I subscribe in NNTP?
A: During the preview period, while we're still in "labs," you can use  When we go live, it will be the same address as it has been:

Q: What's the difference between forums and sub-forums?
A: Functionally, they're all just regular forums--you can post in any of them.  The so-called "sub-forums" are just forums that are grouped under other forums for organizational purposes.  We suggest that if you see a sub-forum that is applicable, choose it over the more general "parent" forum--they go from less specific to more specific.  We chose to group them this way so as to make the list of forums more consumable.

Q: When does this go live/when should I start using this for real?
A: We're doing a trial run with our Aikido CTP, so Aikido posts should go here now.  When we go live the rest of the way depends in part on your feedback.  If you love it, let us now, and we'll make the switch sooner.  But we wanted to give you a chance to poke around and provide some feedback before going live.

Q: I have a suggestion/question about the forums, what's the best way to communicate?
A: We now have a Web Sites forum that is the best avenue for questions and suggestions about the forums that you can start using now!

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    The above FAQ was written in reference to the beta release of these forums.  As of 21 December, 2007 these forums (the site you're currently accessing) have now completely replaced our old solution.  Don't worry, as we've mentioned the old forums have not been taken offline, but have instead simply been moved to another address:  They are now readonly and no longer accept new posts, however they will remain live for the foreseeable future.

    Much of Ambrose's post above still applies, however there are a few updates/additions I'd like to make:

    For those of you who have used the old forums and were not involved in our beta testing, there are a few things that have changed.  The most notable differences are:

    • Integrated authentication (SSO) with the main website.  You no longer have to log in to the forums separately - if you're logged in to the main website, you're authenticated on the forums!
    • After long and careful analysis of our current newsgroup structure, we've decided to move some things around.  You'll notice that we've merged some groups together to provide a cleaner, more organized structure.  What's more, we've introduced the idea of groups and sub-forums to help you quickly and easily find exactly what you're looking for!
    • Naturally, the above change in organization leads to the newsgroup names changing. We did everything we could to avoid this from happening, but (as usual) change doesn't come without some expense. If you're currently using NNTP to subscribe to our forums, see the Updating Your NNTP Subscriptions section below for more details on how to make the switch.
    • User Points System.  Want to know how you rank compared to other members of the forums?  Just compare your points!  Think of the possibilities this could bring in the future... :)
    • Greatly improved searching (both internally and externally... e.g. Google!)

    Updating Your NNTP Subscriptions

    As I mentioned above, we've changed the names and paths of the current newsgroups.  The good news is that this should lead to more organized groups as well as more relevant threads within those groups.  The bad news is that if you are subscribed via NNTP to our current newsgroups, you'll have to drop them and re-subscribe.  If this applies to you, here's what you're going to want to do:

    1. Completely remove your current account.  Be sure to make whatever local backups you deem necessary!  While the old forums will continue to live on (albeit under a different hostname:, your local copies will most likely be deleted when you delete their associated account in your news reader (depending on the settings in your newsreader, of course).
    2. Create a new account, with the following settings:
      1. NNTP Server:
      2. Server requires authentication (or similar):  true, if you'd like to post/reply; false if you're happy with anonymous viewing
        1. If you selected true in the step above, enter the same username and password as you use to log into the main website at  If you do not have an account already, click on that link and click the "New Members" button to sign up!
      3. Refresh your list of available groups.  You'll know you've got things set up properly if you get a list of groups that look like "" as opposed to "infragistics.products.netadvantage.aspnet.webhtmleditor".
      4. Click Subscribe (or similar) and start enjoying your new NNTP goodness!

    For those of you who have been using NNTP to access our new forums while they have been in the beta phase, your accounts should continue to work without modification, however I strongly recommend you update the server name to "" to avoid any potential funky-ness that should occur.  Depending on your reader, you should be able to leave the rest of your settings alone.  If this doesn't work for you, try using the steps listed above.