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No documentation for Infragistics Visual Studio Extensions 2013 Vol. 1

I cannot find any documentation on the website for the Infragistics Visual Studio Extensions 2013 Vol. 1.

Does anyone know if this exists and where it is?

If it does not exist, can something be added about this.  A simple little blurb describing it would suffice.

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    Hi Seradex,

    There are currently no documentation details for the Infragistics Visual Studio Extension.

    I'm preparing a blog post which will highlight the benefits that the extension provides.

    However, I can share the highlights of that blog post with you here and now:

    •   - The Infragistics VS extension automatically checks for updates to your installed Infragistics products;
    •   - You can choose how often those checks will occur and if the will occur at all
    •   - You can do a manual updates check at any time
    •   - The VS extension provides you with direct download links for each available update as well as links to each update's release notes on the official Infragistics website.
    •   - The VS extension 2013.1 works on both Visual Studio 2010 and 2012

    Hope this gives you sufficient info until the blog post gets reviewed and posted.


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