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Unable to signin to Infragistics website


I am unable to signin from my office workstation to Infragistics site. When I click the signin link, I get Page cannot be displayed in Internet explorer and on clicking the same link in Google Chrome, I get Invalid Certificate Error.

Note that I have Win 2003 server with Internet explorer 8.0 installed.

Please suggest, how I can fix this issue.



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    Hello All,

    I am happy to tell you, after further looking into this issue and investigation we were able to find the cause why our website is not accessible using WinServer 2003. It is caused by Windows Server 2003 Cryptography API. Most of the security certificates issued currently (X.509 certificates) use different algorithm of encryption (SHA2) which is more secure but not supported by default in Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP Operating Systems.

    This is known issue and Microsoft provided Hotfix for it – KB 938397.

    You could download and install the correct version of this hotfix on affected OS and then restart so that fix can take effect -
    From this moment on, the secured content on our site should be accessible in both IE 8 and Chrome.

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