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how do i find Service Releases section?

how do i find Service Releases section?

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    I need to find Infragistics Windows Forms 2013 Vol. 2 - Service Release

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    To find the service releases section, first go to our website There will be a tab at the top that reads Support/Account. Click on this tab. This will open a side bar. If you are already signed in, there will be a label reading Welcome, “your-name” at the top of the side-bar. If not, it will read “My Account.” If you are already signed in, click on the welcome label at the top. If not click on the My Account label and sign in with your credentials.

    The next screen should be a screen that reads My Keys & Downloads. There should be a tab that is selected that reads “Dev Tools.” Click the product that you are looking for (in this case it would be a 2013 Volume 2 product), and a few tabs should show up underneath the list of products you are registered to. One of these tabs should be Service Releases. In there, you should see the 2013 Vol. 2 service release you are looking for.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.

    Developer Support Engineer I
    Infragistics Inc.

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