GridExcelExporter in Angular4


Can you give us an example of GridExcelExporter code in Angular4 without using JQUERY code as we see in your documentation?

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    Hello Renzo,

    Please note that while we provide grid components in both of our toolsets - igGrid in Ignite UI (based on jQuery) and igx-grid in Ignite UI for Angular, only the jQuery toolset has an exporter component, which is the igGridExcelExporter. This igGridExcelExporter works with the igGrid, igTreeGrid and the igHierarchicalGrid. all of those are part of the jQuery based toolset. therefore running those without jQuery is not possible.

    If you are however using the jQuery toolset in an Angular application through the Ignite Ui directives for Angular, then using the igGridExcelExporter to export the igGrid is possible, and guidance is available at this forum thread.

    Please let me know if need further assistance on the matter, I will be glad to help.