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Filtering list like in igniteui for javascript

Hallo everyone,

i'm new in igniteui's world ^^ and according to the documentation for Ignite UI for Angular 5 i am able to bind data and implement filtering but i wolud like to create a filtering list like in ignite for javascript.

For example for a column of type string (contains, starts with, endes with, equals and etc) or for type number (<, >=, = and etc)

can you provide me a sample?

Best Regards,


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    Offline posted

    Hello Timur Ripke,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    I am glad to hear that you consider to start using our new product based on Angular 5. As for your question, this functionality is planned to be implemented soon as new component (igxOperationsUI). In our GitHub Wiki pages you can find more information about it.